TOS Review: Travel the World June Module

For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed
the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he
formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else.
—Isaiah 45:18 2010JunModuleCoverSM

O.K....when I was in school "Geography" meant memorizing map after map of different places, learning the points on a compass and that pesky latitude and longitude.  Which is too bad, since there are much more interesting ways to study Geography, like the "Travel the World" Planner Module from TOS.  I love this quote from the introduction, "When you study geography, you are studying God's stage, story and plan for man on earth."  Wow!  Now that sounds much more exciting than just memorizing different places on a map!

This E-book from The Old Schoolhouse is packed full of information and activities for children from Kindergarten through High School (and for those of us who don’t *remember* anything about Geography!) all coming from a Biblical perspective, reminding us that the earth is His stage for His story to be played out.  I used it with children from K-5th grade and it was enjoyed by all.  The coloring pages were fun for my pre-schooler, too!  This has made a fun way to introduce some geography concepts that we haven’t studied yet as well as brush up on a few things we haven’t talked about in awhile.  I especially enjoy the “link” feature included in the passages of the e-book.  As we were reading through a section on longitude and latitude we were immediately able to jump to a website that gives us more information and fun games to help cement what we are learning.  There are a *ton* of included links to everything from definitions to interactive maps and quizzes.  It makes it nice to have those extra fun things included and I don’t have to try to find them myself! 

We reviewed the 7 continents and the oceans as well as learned about latitude, longitude and why a map is handier to carry around than a globe. ;-)  There were coloring pages for the continents, word puzzles to reinforce vocabulary, rebus puzzles and maps for labeling the different continents.  I also had my 2 older children do some of the included copywork, both in cursive and print options.  The copywork selections include bible verses, definitions and quotes. There are also simple lapbook activities included.  It took us about a week to finish the module, but we could have easily taken longer by expanding on each of the different sections

The Planner Modules are only $7.95, and you’ll get an even better deal if you buy one of several bundles they have available.  There are many different titles to choose from including Adventures in Reading, Amusing Mathematics, and Insects Galore!  The Planner Modules are created to expand on the different themes found in each month of The Old Schoolhouse Planner.
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Denise said...

From the Homeschool Crew here. Just added my name to your followers. I am enjoying reading everyone's reviews!

The Crazy Mom said...

You rocked it Jesse!!!

Guiding Light said...

Hi! Stopping by from the Crew to check out your review. LOVE IT! Love how you started with Scripture too. Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I'm spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Nice job!

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