Wordless Thursday?!

Smiling Baby!!
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2 weeks old and changing already!!

Even after many children, you forget how fast they grow and change! I can't believe Little Bit is already 2 weeks old. He already looks differently than he did when he was born. He's been giving me sweet smiles after he nurses. They are so precious. No one believes me though, because he saves them for when no one else is around. ;-) Sweet, sweet boy he is!

We really enjoyed my mom's visit and wished she could stay much longer! She painted my living room and hallway and it's gorgeous. She went home yesterday, so it's just us now. Thank goodness my dear MIL lives nearby as she's willing to supply us with supper for the next little bit. She is such a help and a blessing to us.

Tomorrow is the Last Day of Unleavened Bread. We have 2 services and a potluck, but Little Bit and I are going to stay at home and send the troops. He's still too little to be around that many people at once. The peace and quiet will be nice while they are gone for a bit. I'm seeing a nap in my future!

School "lite" resumes on Tuesday. Phonics Road, Math and a read aloud should do it. We'll worry about content subjects later. I'll be pleased if we can keep up with the basics for the next few weeks while we get used to baby being around. Pin It
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