MFW Highlights Creation to Greeks Weeks 1-3

We are 3 weeks into our school year and things are going really well.

First Day of LHE Co-Op!
In years past we have schooled year round or taken a short break and then just fell back into it without a lot of excitement, special back to school gear or anything to mark it as special.  This year I decided to do things differently!  Mr. D left the house early Monday morning to bring home "Back to School" breakfast!  We had donuts and milk (and some eggs to give us a bit of protein!).  The kids were so excited since they rarely get such a treat!

After that it was back downstairs to see our new supplies and start our group studies!

As I talked about last month we changed things up at the last minute this year and boy am I ever glad!!  Not having to think about what we are doing for school has been such a blessing.  We sit down, open the book and start with the next thing.

We started with our memory scripture from the MFW CtG manual.

2 Timothy 3:16 "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness."

Isn't that a beautiful way to begin a school year?!

Week 1 we spent studying the days of creation, reading in the book Dinosaurs of Eden, starting our timeline and completing our Creation notebook pages.

Miss J, Mr. Lego and Mr. Fix-It are all doing Creation to Greeks.  Miss Paya listens in while she and Little Bit play with the dollhouse, kitchen or felt board.

Week 2 of school we added in Phonics Road, Teaching Textbooks (more about that later), and Mr. Fix-It and I are doing MFW 1st Reading, too.  This last week has been a bit of a bust with the Holy Day and I have had a ton of homework to keep up with.  Fortunately, Mr. D has been super helpful, so the kids still got a lot of work done, just not a full weeks worth!

We have also been at Co-Op every Tuesday.  Miss J is taking a creation science course, P.E., Art History and IEW Student Intensive B.  I am so thankful for the IEW class for her!  We did IEW SWI A last year and loved it, but I knew with my schedule this year that I wouldn't be able to add it in.  Now I have no guilt, she gets IEW and I don't have to teach it! Mr. Fix-It and Mr. Lego are taking Apologia Zoology, PE, Art and History.  Miss Paya is in the pre-K program and Little Bit is unhappily hanging out with the toddlers!  I think (hope and pray!) he'll enjoy it more as the year progresses.  He is such a mama's boy!

Now...I need to sign off, finish a paper, study for a mid-term, finish some algebra and get ready for Week 4!!!!

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MissMOE said...

Looks like a great start to the school year. My kids would love the doughnuts for breakfast! And congrats on letting go, and outsourcing IEW. Sometimes that's hard for mamas to do (said with experience on the matter ;))

Monica said...

It sounds like your co-op is offering some great classes! Looking forward to following your studies this year. Thanks for sharing and linking up.

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