Fractazmic - Fraction Learning Game by I See Cards


Our family received Fractazmic - a new card game from I See Cards to help teach fractions.  According to the website, this game is meant for children in 1st - 8th grades, but in our family only the older children and I played it.  Fractazmic is only $6.95, which I found to be a great value for a fun game to teach a not so fun math concept. I distinctly remember when I was in 4th grade that our teacher re-taught the entire fraction unit because there were so many of us that struggled with the concept.  I couldn't help but think as we were playing this game how helpful it would have been to us way back when!!  


The game is simple enough to begin playing, however adding up the fractions to equal "1" quickly, took a lot longer! The deck is split into three "suits" the Sixteenth suit in red, the Twelfth suit in blue and the Tenth suit in green.  After shuffling the cards and dealing them out, there is a "stack" in the middle and the beginnings of a discard line.  Each player sorts the cards in their hands into suits.  The object of the game is to be the person who completes the most "hands" equaling one within a suit.  The directions were clear and easy to figure out and the game plays quickly.  I don't have the opportunity in my every day life to add up a lot of fractions and this game tested my knowledge.  It was great for teaching the kiddo's and after a bit, they got the hang of it.  This game is a great way to teach adding fractions and recognizing how they work together.  I See Cards also has a free booklet "How to Succeed in Math with Games" that is available on their website


We really enjoyed our experience with Fractazmic.  They also have the games available online and several other great math teaching games, too.  The Crew reviewed their game Pyramath last year and it won "Best Math Game" last year - I think I need to add it to my arsenal of math games, too.

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