Our chickens rock!

Yeah...our chickens are overachievers!!!
The first egg we gathered had two YOLKS! The next one, 2 yolks again.  Lately, about every other egg is a double yolk.  This morning though...a TRIPLE yolk.  Can you believe it?
Our roosters are trying to crow, too.  It is hilarious!!  Right now, it sort of sounds like someone softly playing a kazoo in a "cockle-doodle-do" melody.  They think they are all that, though, strutting around.  I don't think the girls are that impressed!

The Bible in 90 Days - Week 2 begins!


Wow! This week has gone really fast. I'm working through Leviticus and about 5 pages short of being ready to start Day 9 tomorrow. Ah well...I'll just read extra tomorrow and be caught up again. I'm so excited that I'm staying caught up usually I would have given up on something like this by now. (New Year's Resolutions, anyone?!)

Having the actual 90 Days Bible has made it easier. It's smaller, so I can drop it in my bag and take it with me, plus it is nice to see how far I've gotten and some mornings how far I have left to go before I can cross the reading off the list. ;-)

I'm keeping a notebook beside me as I read and writing down little questions and thoughts that I have. I am prayerful that this becomes the impetus to more fruitful bible study after this challenge is over. So many times I open the bible and think "now what?". These questions and notes will hopefully give me some direction in my bible study.

I've been reminded anew of what an important day the Sabbath day is to God's people! Somehow along the way, we've gotten a bit lax and casual with our Sabbaths, forgetting (or not taking the time) to prepare properly, screeching into the Sabbath exhausted, weary and not feeling like I should/can rest. I will be working much harder through the week so when Friday night rolls around we will *really* be able to rest. Not just physically, but mentally as well, without looking at all of the "should do's" lying around. I don't know about you, but it's hard to rest when I'm looking at a messy kitchen or laundry stacked up.

I'm very prayerful that God will continue to reveal Himself to me through this challenge. Even if it's only in the encouragement I will feel by having said that I finished it! Me, the queen of quit (or sidetracked) finished a challenge that lasts 90 whole days!! It's also interesting to note that about the time I will be reading the last chapter, our family will start making our annual trek to the Feast of Tabernacles. It seems like a perfect end and reward for such a challenging journey!

Impromptu Field Trip - Dairy Farm

We went to pick up milk at the farm today and got there just in time for milking!  Mr. Lego has now decided he wants to work there full time.  I'm pretty sure a couple of days in 100°+ heat and  he might change his mind!  It is fascinating to watch though.  We had a great visit with the owner and will go back next week to help feed the calves. 
I wish we lived a bit closer and I would send the boys down to help milk, that would wear them out and keep them busy!

The Bible in 90 Days Challenge


I'm going for it! I took in a bunch of stuff to Redeemed Music and Books, traded for a 90 Days Bible and I'm starting tomorrow! I am *so* excited to take part in this challenge. I am very prayerful that this will be the thing that will get me from wishing I was better at reading my Bible to being successful at consistently reading my Bible!

Do you want to join me?! Go to Mom's ToolBox to learn how to join in.

B.Hugs Links - A Timberdoodle Review!

B.Hugs Links

When I was given the opportunity to review an item from Timberdoodle's Baby Core Curriculum Package, I jumped at the chance! Especially since one of the choices was a set of B. Hugs Links! ($18.95) Can you believe that we don't have any linking toys?! I knew that my little guy would love playing with these. We anxiously awaited the UPS man and were thrilled when they arrived. I also received Timberdoodle's Baby Core Curriculum Planning Folder.

Upon opening the box, I discovered that the links come packaged in their own storage container, a clear bucket with carrying handle. Little Bit was as equally entertained with taking the lid off and on and carrying around the empty bucket as he was with the 24 colorful links. I was happy to discover that these links are a nice heavy weight with a moveable bead in the center and really smooth.  Because of the weight of them and the beads, they make a fun clickty-clack sound as they are plunked in the bucket and linked up and dragged around the house! This isn't an annoying sound, though mama's....the weight, feel and sound of them is really pleasant, unlike some other toys we have lying around here!

Suffice it to say, we were thrilled with our experience with B.Hugs Links from Timberdoodle. Not just Little Bit, either...oh, no, Miss Paya was in on the action with them all the time. Sometimes a little too much and we had to remind her that Little Bit can play by himself sometimes! ;-)  While Little Bit mostly enjoyed tossing them around, using them as teethers and dropping them in the bucket and then promptly dumping them back out of the bucket, Miss Paya usually got a bit more creative.  They became elaborate necklaces, bracelets, snakes when all linked together and chains to tie up her brothers.  These are one of those toys that have endless possibilities for children to explore and that will be around for a looooong time.

Teething ring, anyone?!
While the kiddo's were busily playing with the Links, I sat down to peruse the Planning Folder that came with the toys. My first though was wow!, I never thought of that! And...I never thought of that, either! You can download this Planning Folder for FREE at Timberdoodle's website - HERE, just scroll down to nearly the bottom.  This simple folder is packed with ideas on how to use each of the items in the Baby Core Curriculum Package as well as several very helpful articles for the homeschool family, like how to fit it all in as well as how to keep those babies and toddlers busy while you are schooling the older children.  Even after having parented 5 babies, I found plenty of tips that will help me along my journey.  There is also a neat little checklist of the toys and activities to help remind you what to do!  I know in the business of everyday, I often shuffle Little Bit and Miss Paya around and when I do have a few extra minutes, I can't think of what to do with them!  This checklist is a perfect, at a glance reminder of something quick and fun to do with both of them.   We already have stacking cups and a few other things from the core package, but now I have more ideas of how to best use these toys with Little Bit, not only for learning but also for an opportunity to really engage him in an activity. 

Disclaimer: Little Bit really *is* teething...hence the drool spots all over his shirt!  LOL

Disclosure: As a member of Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team I received the B. Hugs Links for free in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. 
Because Mom Said

A picture of Christ through the Bible...this is amazing!

Happy 4th of July!!

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