About Me

In a nutshell:

I am a homeschooling mama to 6 amazing kids, wife to a comedian, wanna be homesteader,

Now..let's break it down:

Homeschooling:  Yeah...so did not think I would ever be a homeschooling mama!  I do, in fact, have a dear friend that would attest to the fact that after her waxing poetic about her future 1/2 dozen children, homeschooling and cloth diapering dreams, I did laugh and use the words "You. Are. Crazy."  Now I have the half dozen babies, used cloth diapers and have been homeschooling for over 8 years now!

Being a Mom:  Who would have thought that being a mom is more about becoming better examples for our children to model than us training our children!?  I've discovered that children are a mirror of ourselves, and sometimes the reflection is not very pretty!  That's when I know I need a big-time attitude adjustment and spend a lot of time working on my own stuff so I can bring better to my kids.  It's the hardest, most humbling, and toughest job ever to be better for others, but, I wouldn't change it for anything.  I am so very grateful to call them all mine!   

A Wife:  Happily married to my best friend and lover, David, since 1997.  So thankful to have someone who's on my side, who listens when I rant and rave and makes me laugh every. single. day.  It is a rare and precious gift to be a true partner with someone in this crazy adventure called life.  I'm grateful we continue to grow closer together, through the tough times and the good times.  It's not always easy, but it is worth it!

I love to scrapbook, but rarely have the time.  I love reading homeschooling blogs and researching curricula and spending time on my favorite forums (hence why I have no time to scrapbook).  I love to read, mostly homeschooling books, but I've been reading a lot of spirituality, inner work, improvement type books lately. I'm also venturing into some art projects.

Wanna be Homesteader:  We have about 2 acres to our name.  We've had a rather large collection of animals pass through our homestead over the last 5 years or so.  Currently we have guineas, ducks, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, a bee hive and a dog. Our goal is to grow more and more of our own food becoming more and more self-sufficient.  We alternate between wanting to live off grid and

I enjoy blogging, but haven't quite found my groove (or my voice).  My hope is that this will not only be a journal of our life as we go about homeschooling, raising babies and living life, but also be an encouragement to those that find themselves here! 



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