About Me

In a nutshell:

I am a homeschooling mama to 5 blessings, wife to one awesome hubby trying everyday to do my best to follow the Lords will.

Now..let's break it down:

Homeschooling:  Yeah...so did *not* think I would *ever* be a homeschooling mama, *ever*!  I do, in fact, have a dear friend that would attest to the fact that after her waxing poetic about her future 1/2 dozen children, homeschooling and cloth diapering dreams, I did laugh and use the words "You. Are. Crazy."  Ha...God laughed and now we are 1 short of a 1/2 dozen babies, homeschoolers and I do use the occassional cloth diaper! 

Being a Mom:  Who would have thought that being a mom is more about God training us than us training our children!?  I've discovered that children are a mirror of ourselves, and sometimes the reflection is not very pretty!  That's when I know I need a big-time attitude adjustment and spend a lot of time in prayer asking God to help me be a better example.  It's the hardest, most humbling, and toughest job ever just because God is using it to teach *me* so many lessons!  But, boy, I wouldn't change it for anything and am so very grateful to call them all mine!   

A Wife:  Happily married to my best friend and lover, David, for 14 years.  So thankful to have someone who's on my side, who listens when I rant and rave and makes me laugh every. single. day.  God blessed me beyond measure when he gave me the gift of my hubby!

Christian:  Wow...you never know where God will take you!  I grew up Methodist, then Lutheran, then went "non-denominational" for awhile after being a wee bit frustrated with Religion.  Met my hubby who was, key word was, a Sabbath-Keeper.  We played the "non-denominational" church game for several years, but hubby kept going back to Sabbath Keeping...on Saturday, and like Ruth, I said I would go where he would go.  Now we are a Sabbath Keeping, Holy Day Observing family that doesn't observe Christmas or Easter.  We do, however, firmly believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior, that He died on the cross for our Sins and that He was God's only Son.  We just try to do what He (Jesus) did when He walked the earth and not add to it.  It is what God has called us (our family) to do and we do our best to obey.*
* as a side note: This is in no way a judgement call on how others might carry out their faith.   This is what God has called our family to do, so we do!  ;-)

I love to scrapbook, but rarely have the time.  I love reading homeschooling blogs and researching curricula and spending time on my favorite forums (hence why I have no time to scrapbook).  I love to read, mostly homeschooling books, but also Jan Karon novels, Nicholas Sparks and Christian romance.  I am a homesteader wanna be with 2 acres to my name, but between schooling, having babies and trying to keep my head above water, I have yet to own a goat or a chicken!

ETA: Spring of 2012 - We have now owned chickens (40 of them!) for over a year. 4 Turkeys.  Have added 5 beehives to our homestead and have recently acquired a pair of peacocks in a rather miraculous way! So, the homestead is growing, slowly but surely!

I enjoy blogging, but haven't quite found my groove (or my voice).  My hope is that this will not only be a journal of our life as we go about homeschooling, raising babies and growing as Christians, but also be an encouragement to those that find themselves here! 



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